Exercise Psychology

Why are we exercising? Our answers may vary. We want to lose weight, get fit, training for an athletic event. But have we ever thought of psychological well-being as an answer? We might but the physical aspect comes in first.

Our body is made up of connected networks of bodily process. It means that what we do to a part of our body will be connected for the benefit or destruction of our body parts. It is the same with our psyche. What we do for our physical body will affect our psyche. Exercise is capable of changing our physical appearance and our mood, self-esteem, and mental alertness.

Let us correlate some information here. Have you noticed that most of the depressed and anxious people are obese? And those people are also most of the have low self-esteem? It is evident that this people who have not been exercising and continuously gaining weight are having these psychological and outlook issues.

Exercise makes our body secrete neurochemicals or neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin that elevates our moods. This is an example of our bodily connections to our psyche. We exercise to burn calories at the same time these chemicals are released and help us in our mood issues. This is the reason why people who have done exercises are more “hyper” and enlivened: they have a number of neurotransmitters in their systems.

Stress and anger can also be easily managed by exercise. You may notice that some people who are stressed would like to walk around, away from the stressor then comes back feeling okay. That is again because of the process that I have discussed a while ago. At the same time, walking gives you a different view. This makes you level-headed and even manages the problem better. You can also exhaust your anger through walking. Stomping your feet on the floor is a good way of releasing your anger, draining all your anger on the floor. And the best way about walking is that you can do it in private so stomp all you can until your anger subsides. Your mental alertness and perception change as your body removes the anger, this will give you better judgement and mental processes works smoothly.

Exercises like tai-chi and yoga promotes balance and flexibility but also focuses on calming your mind. Calming the mind with these exercises will help you in managing depression and anxiety. This is also good stress alleviator. It is like tranquilizing without the use of tranquilizers or sedatives.

How about self-esteem? Exercise like belly dancing that has recitals will give you a feeling of contentment because you are able to do it and perform in front of others. This builds up your self-esteem. Because exercise makes you feel fit and look good, you’re perception will indicate that you are being easily accepted by the people around you. You will not think about what their thoughts on your weight or figure. You don’t feel bloated anymore, you are a new person.

Exercise is not just for our body but is also for a mind. If you want a holistic change, start exercising today and feel the difference for yourself.